Cost and Financing

Body Laser Sculpting Costs


The price for body laser sculpting varies dramatically and is dependent on several factors (the amount of sculpting necessary, the number of scars & stretch marks ect). This is why we provide for a free initial consultation, & at that consultation we are able to give an exact quote on how long the procedure will take & the cost of the procedure. Final quote includes all your medications during the procedure and to take home with you, a limo ride to and from your destination if needed and lunch or dinner if applicable.

Speaking in generalities, the abdomen below the “belly button” alone is usually $2200 to $2800 and each additional area are $1200 (like for love handle, hips, upper abdomen ect). These approximate prices include any or all of the modalities that might be needed to achieve the ideal results, utilizing Cynosure’s SmartLipo, Sound technologies LipoSelection or “Vaser” and MicroAire’s Power assisted Lipo “PAL”. These prices do not include any discounts that may be applicable.


Body Laser Sculpting Financing Options


We  work with 2 companies which exclusively finance cosmetic procedure. These companies are very flexible for payment schedules or interest free periods up to 18 months. The finance companies will do a loan application over the phone. The names & phone numbers of the 2 finance companies are as follows:

Med Loans

800-555-8122 or 800-504-4053

Care Credit