Here are actual testimonials from our happy clients.*


I did it for myself.  I was a size 9 and now I am a size 5 with a nicely shaped waist.  The difference just blew my friends away.  It was awesome.  You are relaxed the whole time. They talk to you and make you feel good.  It was the best thing that I have ever done.  I have bungee jumped and that rush doesn’t compare to how you feel after you see what you look like after the procedure. ”



They make you feel at home and part of their family.  Dr. B. talks to you, not down like some doctors will do.   I went to a plastic surgeon and asked about a tummy tuck and having my arms and legs shaped.  I was really surprised at what the cost would be.  Dr. B. did a whole lot more for a whole lot less plus they helped me have a whole new outlook on life.  I have a flat stomach that I could not get with exercise and all I had are small incisions.  The plastic surgeon would have cut me from one side to the other for the painful tummy tuck with weeks off work.  I went from a size 14 to a 10.  I am so thankful because now I am a totally different person. I am upbeat. I think I look great and so do my kids.  I tell everyone that you will not regret it and you will come out looking good.”


*clients names withheld for privacy.